Brian Ledet, Chef and Co-Founder of Revelry Food Truck
Brian Ledet, Chef and Co-Founder of Revelry Food Truck

Brian Ledet had no idea what was blowing his way when he first got to Boston.

Orphans of the storm that was Katrina, Brian and his wife, Jennifer, had left behind almost everything they loved in ten and a half feet of water after the levee broke a mile from their home. They had one another, they had their love and spirit and drive and they had a mantra to guide them.

“Be a New Orleanian wherever you are!”

For Brian that meant loving college football and music and the simple joy that comes with friends joining over food. And for him that bringing together of people over food came naturally. From the time he’d first started washing dishes at Swenson’s Ice Cream at age 16 to his stint as manager. He then made the move to finance but his heart was drawn back to the kitchen and after pleading his case around town he was hired at the recently opened Maison Bleu where he was schooled under the tutelage of two former instructors at the Cordon Bleu in Paris.

And then, Katrina showed up.

Soon, the Ledet’s were bound for Boston. It was a good fit: two small cities with big hearts, working class and world class, both full of pride. After a few stints working in the professional world Brian eventually came to the realization that he wanted to be working with his hands again, making food. And, when his daughter, CeCe, was born in the Hub, Boston felt even more like home.

But still, for Brian there was just one thing missing…

Where was the authentic New Orleans food?

Lance Giddens, a transplant from Georgia and fellow lover of the Bayou, felt the same way. Knowing that her husband also loved football and food, his wife, Cindy – a work friend of Jen’s- insisted the two meet. They became fast friends, bonding over grilling, comparing oysters, cooking at each other’s homes and debating college football, Lance backing his home state University of Georgia squad and Brian’s love of LSU always shining through.

One day Lance admitted, that for him in Boston there was just one thing missing…

Where was the authentic New Orleans food?

Together they decided to put an end to this travesty. Together they have found a way to deliver true New Orleans style food. Not Southern food. Not food from New Orleans with a New England twist. New Orleans food.

New Orleans food like red beans and rice with andouille sausage and smoked ham hocks, washed down with New Orleans’ own Barq’s root beer. New Orleans food like a fried shrimp Po-boy on Leidenheimer’s bread paired with Zapp’s potato chips. New Orleans food like Zatarain’s seasoned jambalaya with a splash of Crystal hot sauce.

Together, Brian and Lance have created Revelry.

This is not an interpretation. This is authentic New Orleans food, prepared with care by a New Orleans native. It is food delivered with the spirit of New Orleans, the spirt of community and celebration, the spirt of Revelry!

Whether you’re a transplant from the South, a tourist with fond memories of the amazing dishes you enjoyed at Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest, or a curious Bostonian wondering what the fuss is all about, Revelry has something for you.

Come indulge, enjoy and embrace this Revelry! You won’t regret it.