The Revelry Food Truck brings a unique taste to the city of Boston: Authentic New Orleans Cuisine. In a city full of restaurants and food trucks serving a wide variety of international foods and tried and true American favorites such as burgers, barbeque, and pizza, there is a gap when it comes to New Orleans, or as the locals call it, N’awlins Cuisine. While options for traditional “southern food” abound, the traditional Cajun and Creole food of New Orleans cannot be found in Boston.

The Revelry Food Truck fills this gaping pothole by serving po-boy sandwiches, red beans and rice, jambalaya, shrimp remoulade salad, and more. All of the food is made from traditional New Orleans recipes, brands, and products.

The po-boy sandwiches will use, New Orleans’ own, Leidenheimer bread – a French bread made in New Orleans that has a unique blend of a crunchy, flaky crust and chewy core. New Orleanians say, “It’s all about the water!” when asked what makes Leidenheimer’s so good.

Y’all know we use Zatarain’s spices, Crystal Hot Sauce, and Crystal Worcestershire Sauce in our dishes.

And for a little Lagniappe, we’ll have several flavors of Zapp’s potato chips to pair up with our po-boys.

The Revelry Food Truck will bring a piece of New Orleans to Boston and reach the thousands of people who have been clamoring for a taste of home – and the thousands more who have fallen in love with the food during trips to the Louisiana city.

As they say back home in New Orleans, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”, which means, “Let the good times roll!”